About us

TOM Innovations launched its Sheet Music Solutions platform in 2012. We bundle all know-how into packages and not only sell hardware and software, but also advise musicians, orchestras, choirs, publishers, composers, archivists and music schools on the transition from sheet music on paper to digital solutions.

My recommendations:

    Before you start scanning sheet music, find out about the technical and legal requirements on my website www.notenmappe.at.
    Only scan legally acquired sheet music that you have previously stamped page by page, for example (uniqueness), or have the originals ready for public performances.
    Never give out your digital sheet music as a scan in a free file format, e.g. PDF or JPG. The sheet music spreads thousands of times in a short time and you violate the rights of authors and publishers!
    Don't save on hardware. If you really want to use your notebook/tablet in rehearsal/on stage, then only use the best devices such as Microsoft Surface, Lenovo MiiX.

If there are questions we don't answer here, then contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.